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Posted on 12-12-2016

This holiday season we will be counting down the top 16 ways to keep the weight off!

Strategy #12: Make the “Announcement”

Here’s perhaps the easiest way to avoid going back for seconds. My good friend hooked me this tip a while back, and as simple as it is, it works unbelievably well. In fact, my wife did this at the dinner table the other night when out with friends, and it was easily the most comfortable social situation I’ve ever seen her in while sticking to her eating plan and moving forward to her goals.

When you arrive at a party or sit down to the table, let people know what you’ve committed to. Something as simple as “Hey, just want to let everyone know, I’m on a mission to drop some pounds. This food looks amazing, and I plan to enjoy a full plate, but if you see me back in the buffet line, kick my butt into gear.”

People respect that and they’ll back you up. From then on out, you never have to worry about people who “don’t know” your goals constantly offering you food, and beyond that, it’s a huge source of accountability for you. I can guarantee that when you put this simple strategy into practice, you won’t even think of going in for seconds. It’s extremely easy to resist once you give people “expectations” for you to live up to.

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